Who We Are


Bioworkshop is a New York biotech startup based in Harlem. We are developing an end-to-end high-fidelity platform to increase the accuracy and speed of pre-clinical drug discovery & development. Our in silico and in vitro technology provide human relevant data which will enable greater efficacy and more efficient clinical translation.


Our mission is to revolutionize drug discovery and development by combining the latest advances in science and technology with a deep understanding of human biology. We are committed to developing innovative solutions to address critical healthcare issues. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide by bringing cutting-edge science and technology to drug discovery and development, accelerating the development of effective treatments, and ultimately make a significant impact on global health and wellness.


Dr Amel Ibrahim is the CEO and founder of Bioworkshop, Inc. She is a UK registered medical doctor with a background in reconstructive surgery and a PhD in regenerative medicine. Her approach to research is informed by her experiences and training as a surgeon and hence has a focus on deliverable healthcare innovation. She also brings an extensive body of research experience in stem cell biology, nanotechnology, computational biology and tissue engineering. She is joined by a panel of scientific and clinical advisers who have a strong track record in science, engineering, healthcare innovation and business. Our collective backgrounds in business, surgery and biomedical science research provides a strong foundation for Bioworkshop to successfully fulfil its mission.

Amel Ibrahim, MD PhD MRCS
Founder/CEO/Chief Scientist

Academic, surgeon and entrepreneur. Over a decade of translational research experience.

David Edmonds, PhD

Multi-disciplinary engineer. Research, product design and consultancy.

Patrizia Ferretti, PhD

Professor of regenerative medicine & translational research.

Roberto Flores, MD
Academic Surgeon/ Advisor

Head of Craniofacial Surgery & health tech entrepreneur.

Chi Ukaoha, M.Eng MBA
Engineer & Computer Scientist/Advisor

AI/ML guided discovery entrepreneur and investor. Founder Offgrid Labs.