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Our Technology

Bioworkshop is developing an AI driven 3D printed microfluidic biochip platform that will enable scientists to accurately study diseases and develop more effective treatments for them. Through our technology we will reduce the cost and time needed to research and develop new therapies and fine-tune or repurpose existing ones. Our biochips will eventually facilitate the development of personalised medicines and will be applied to a range of industries beyond healthcare.

Our Mission

We are motivated by a strong desire to use biotechnology to make healthcare better, cheaper and accessible. In providing more accurate human models, our platform will accelerate the development of new medicines and reduce the cost of these discoveries. Through this we believe that our AI driven microfluidic biochip technology will usher in a new era of personalized and affordable medicine.

Our Team

Dr Amel Ibrahim is the CEO and founder of Bioworkshop, Inc. She is a UK registered medical doctor with a background in reconstructive surgery and a PhD in regenerative medicine. Her approach to research is informed by her experiences and training as a surgeon and hence has a focus on deliverable healthcare innovation. She also brings an extensive body of research experience in stem cell biology, nanotechnology, computational biology and tissue engineering. She is joined by a panel of scientific and clinical advisers who have a strong track record in science, engineering, healthcare innovation and business. Our collective backgrounds in business, surgery and biomedical science research will provide a strong foundation for Bioworkshop to successfully fulfill its mission.